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General Terms and Conditions for Use of the Website
1. Intellectual Property Rights
2. Brand rights
3. Information about products and services
4. Limiting responsibility
5. Confidentiality clauses
6. Confidentialitate
7. Why do we collect your data?
8. What kind of personal data do we collect?
9. How long will we store your data

Analko Aluminum Industry SRL created the www.analkometalconfex.ro site to personally inform all its customers. Your use of this site is subject to compliance with the general conditions of access and use detailed below (“General Terms”), as well as compliance with the applicable laws.
 When you access, use, and use the Site, you accept the Unconditional General Terms and Conditions that prevail over any other deal you may have with Analko Aluminum Industry SRL with all members of its commercial network or only some of them.

1. Intellectual Property Rights
Copyright and / or Rights on Industrial Designs and Patterns
Analko Aluminum Industry SRL is the owner of this site. The photos, texts, slogans, drawings, images, animated sound sequences or not and all the work incorporated in this site are the property of Analko Aluminum Industry SRL or third parties that have authorized Analko Aluminum Industry SRL to use them.
The profile models presented on this site are protected in accordance with the legal provisions on copyright and / or intellectual property rights relating to the protection of industrial designs.

Reproductions on the site mentioned above and / or works and / or product designs that are reproduced on the site are authorized on paper or digital, provided that they are intended for strictly personal use, excluding any use for advertising purposes; and or commercial and / or information so as to comply with the intellectual property legislation.
Except as provided above, any reproduction, presentation, use or partial or complete modification of the site, regardless of the method or support, of the various works that make up the site, without having previously obtained the authorization from Analko Aluminum Industry SRL, is strictly forbidden and constitutes a CRIME that is punished according to the legislation in force.

2. Brand rights
The name ANALKO, the logo, and any slogan used, are trademarks or registered trademarks of ANALKO ALUMINUM INDUSTRY.
Reproduction, imitation, use or application of these marks without prior authorization from ANALKO ALUMINUM INDUSTRY SRL constitutes a CRIMINAL offense punishable by applicable law.

3. Information about products and services
These pages represent a general overview of the ANALKO range of products and services distributed in Romania. The product images on the site are for presentation purposes and do not imply the responsibility of ANALKO ALUMINUM INDUSTRY SRL.
ANALKO ALUMINUM INDUSTRY SRL reserves the right to modify / update the information on this site on the Internet, especially on the range of services rendered and at prices, at any time without prior notice, taking into account the interactive feature of the site, without the changes assuming the responsibility of ANALKO ALUMINUM INDUSTRY SRL, its network members or its employees.
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4. Limiting responsibility
The user uses the site at his / her own risk. Under no circumstances may ANALKO ALUMINUM INDUSTRY SRL be held liable for direct or indirect damages, in particular for material, loss of data or program, financial damage resulting from the access or use of this site or any other site, which are related to him. The content of the site is presented without any warranty of any kind.
Information on their products, services, models, features and pricing corresponds to a definition at the time of their drafting or updating of the various pages of the site; they are provided for information only and therefore are not and should not be considered as a contractual offer of the products and services offered by ANALKO ALUMINUM INDUSTRY SRL. Errors or omissions may occur.
Access to the products and services presented on the site may be subject to restrictions. You must therefore ensure that the law of the country where the connection is established entitles you to access our site.

5. Confidentiality clauses
Information about the use of your personal data
As the author / owner / administrator of www.analkometalconfex.ro, ANALKO ALUMINUM INDUSTRY undertakes to preserve the confidential nature of the information provided by you when accessing and completing the electronic order form
ANALKO ALUMINUM INDUSTRY uses security methods and techniques, as well as internal policies and working procedures applicable to employees, to protect personal data collected and ensures that individuals who transmit personal data will not be disclosed to third parties except under the conditions laws.
In accordance with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001, we inform you that you have the following rights:
• confirming once a year that your data is processed or not
• intervention on personal data
• to oppose the processing of data for legitimate and legitimate reasons related to the personal data situation included in the application form, ie without any motivation in case of opposition to data processing for direct marketing purposes.

ANALKO ALUMINUM INDUSTRY reserves the right to change and update at any time the content of the website www.analko aluminum industry srl.ro and the Privacy Policy without any prior notice.
Therefore, please visit this section periodically to check the terms and conditions that you have agreed to comply with.

We take care of your personal data
Protecting the information you provide is extremely important to us. Here are some things you need to know about the information we collect, the purpose for which we collect them, how we use them and who we share with them. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at office@analkoaluminium.ro.
If we know some information about you, we can offer better personalized services. Protecting your personal data is our priority.

7. Why do we collect your data?
Using your personal data allows us to improve our services, help us process your requests faster, and better manage your relationship with you.
Here are some ways to use the information you provide:
• To provide you with the information you have requested
• To send you relevant information about our products and services
• To measure the performance of our advertising campaigns
• To measure the performance of our sales and after-sales services
Subject to your prior consent, we may also use your personal information to:
• Provide personalized customer experiences
• Perform customer satisfaction surveys
The data you provide us helps ensure that if we send you a communication, it is relevant to you.

8. What kind of personal data do we collect?
Any information that we have about you is most likely provided by you – for example, you have completed an order form. You can have access at any time to the data you collect about yourself, namely:
• Personal information (name, address, email, phone)

9. How long will we store your data?
The table below shows the maximum times we will store your data. After this period, your data will be deleted safely.
Purpose Storage period
Managing the pre-contractual relationship with customers 3 years
Send relevant information about vehicles and services, performance measurement
 promotional campaigns, sales and after-sales service 5 years for customers, 3 years for
Sending personalized ad ads about vehicles, products and services as well
and offering personalized customer experiences for 5 years for customers, 3 years for
Carry out customer satisfaction surveys 3 years after the survey

Reasons for compliance and security
It may be necessary to disclose your personal data to public and governmental authorities for reasons of national security, law enforcement, or other public interest reasons. When the law allows us, we will inform you before such a transfer.
We may also disclose personal information if we determine in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, resolve legal disputes, comply with terms and conditions, investigate fraud, or protect our users.

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