Powder coating – Architectural profiles

The present technology describes the applied electrostatic painting metal and especially aluminum objects.

Units of electrostatic painting company ANALKO were designed and built to the highest international standards in terms of processing technology to perform a correct and high quality.

Currently our organization covers a productivity of about 30 tons / day (8 hours) and the installation can be used to paint the aluminum and other metal products that can reach a length of about 8100 mm with a check on any step in hand.

Electrostatic painting process requires certain facilities and equipment and strict observance of all conditions in the production process. Within this unit there are two complete units of paint, one for colors RAL, Rafaelo, METAL, Sagra, and one for sublicromie (painted wood).

Electrostatic painting includes the following steps:

  1. THE PRE-TREATMENT (degreasing, pickling, chroming)

1) Chemical pretreatment stage – follows impurities and cleaning surfaces which are then subjected to painting, to ensure a high quality finished products. Takes place in 8 stainless steel bath , each with a volume of about 15 m3. Only in two cells takes place by chemical treatment processes.

Raw materials used in this process are provided by the most prestigious organization in the field, NEOCHEM, and are certified products Qualicoat and GSB.

chemical pretreatment

2) Electrostatic painting

Painting is executed in three automated paint booths: two with 8 guns and one with 10 guns, and two paint systems manual. Receive automatic booths computer programming technology to make painting all over objects.

electrostatic painting process

3) Curing of powder coating

Curing of powder coating is done in two ovens BOX type injectors automated technical control: one with 8 lines and a usable length of 7000 mm and one with 6 lines and a usable length of 8200 mm.

4) Painting in shades of wood (sublicromy)

painting in shades of wood

To achieve painted in shades of wood through the same stages of preparation of the substrate, followed by application of aluminum surfaces of the film that he has impregnated wood texture corresponding to the desired shade. Covered such profiles are placed in a special oven that allows you to print the decorative pattern on the substrate (film impregnated substance diffuses into the substrate). On leaving the furnace takes place eliminating film, painted such profiles are resistant to sunlight, and the high atmospheric humidity Qualicoat standards.

Raw materials used in the painting itself is provided by leading paint manufacturers which also include DUPONT, AKZO, TIGER, which have a wide range of over 400 different colors and shades are certified and conventional colors Qualicoat and GSB.

5) Crimping aluminum materialsthrough which theconnection between two polyamide semiprofile aluminum. In order to achieve this was bought a polyamide mounting ISOMAT5, and recently purchased a new roller system for the new series of aluminum ALUKÖNIGSTHAL.

6) Quality Control

a) – the appearance of the painted surface (as specified Qualicoat);
b) – shine (ISO 2813);
c) – thickness (methods according to ISO 2360);
d) – grip (methods according to EN ISO 2409);
e) – bending strength (EN ISO 1519);
f) – Resistance to impact (methods according to EN ISO 6272 / ASTM D 2794);
g) – resistance to atmosphere containing sulfur dioxide (according to EN ISO 3231);
h) – acetic acid spray resistance (ISO 9227);
i) – Accelerated corrosion resistance (as specified Qualicoat);
j) – strength in natural conditions (ISO 2810);
k) – Resistance to solvents (as specified Qualicoat);
l) – mortar strength (ASTM D 3260);
m) – Steam resistance (according to EN ISO 11341);
n) – condensation resistance (DIN 50017).

7) Packaging – individual is what gives a better quality of coated surface. Also for painted surface to be protected during handling and processing them, we can apply protective film on all flat surfaces thereof.

Analko - Powder CoatingAnalko - Powder Coating